Epic Trout Fishing Using Lip RipperZ - 3 Trout, 30 pounds
Fishing for Southern California Super Trout, these anglers got more than they were asking for. Using 2 lb line, ultra light gear and their favorite Lip RipperZ products, these anglers hooked and landed several Super Trout (rainbow trout over 10 pounds) at local lakes located in Orange County, in particular Anaheim Lake (sister lakes of Santa Ana River Lakes and Corona Lake)
Trout Fishing With Floating Nightcrawlers
One of the most overlooked techniques in all of fishing, yet perhaps the most effective! When fished correctly, this technique will often match or outfish even the hottest of methods. Join us in this video as we teach you exactly how to rig and inflate your floating nightcrawler for trout fishing.
Trout fishing with doughbait
Get ready to catch Trout with this number 1 Trout fishing doughbait rig, aka Carolina rig. No matter where you are fishing, this set up will work wonders. Simply setup up your rig as shown here, add your doughbait and roll your dough into some Hatchery Dust. Now just toss it out, let it sit, and hold on tight!
Anglers Wild First Experience with Hatchery Dust
A must see video on an anglers first hand experience on how he fished with the new Lip RipperZ Hatchery Dust. Five flavors now available including, Natural, Super Cheese, Garlic Crawler, Garlic Mealworm and Super Garlic. Which is going to be your favorite?
New Hatchery Dust Surprisingly LEGAL
Have you ever wished you could fish with a real life hatchery pellet? Now you can. Introducing the new Lip RipperZ Hatchery Dust. Simply roll your dough into this specially formulated hatchery pellet micro powder and transform your favorite bait into the fish feed Trout have been raised on their entire lives. What could possibly work better?