Introducing Hatchery Dust

Ever wish you could fish with a real life hatchery pellet? NOW YOU CAN! Simply roll your dough and transform your bait into the same food Trout have been raised on their entire lives. What could work better?

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Ever wish you could fish with a real life hatchery pellet? For the first time ever, NOW YOU CAN!! Simply roll your favorite dough bait into this specially formulated hatchery pellet micro powder and turn your bait into a real life hatchery pellet, the same food Trout have been raised on in hatcheries their entire lives before getting stocked into the lakes and rivers for you to catch. “In Dust, We Trust”. What could work better?
* 5 Flavors / 2 size jars (1 oz and 3 oz)
* Supercharged Hatchery Pellets

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One of our most popular product lines. Perfect for trolling from a boat or tossing from shore. These 1/5 ounce spoons are perfect for targeting both small and large trout alike. Simply wait for the sun to show and start tossing at will. The shine and glare of these uniquely designed lures will gather the attention of even the weariest of trout.
* One of a kind design
* Holographic finish
* Lifelike eyes and blood red hooks

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Features, Features, Features. Quite far from the standard tube jig. Now featuring blood red hooks, lifelike eyes, straight tails and reusable packaging to keep your plastics swimming straight. Simply toss out, let sink to the desired strike zone, bounce your rod tip up and down and bring in just fast enough to keep the slack out of your line. This unique action is a difference maker when fishing for Trout or Crappie.
* Two Sizes. 1/32 oz for shallow water. 1/16 oz for deeper water
* 9 one of a kind colors

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New Floating Plastic and New Vibrant Colors. Introduced in 2004 and a staple for many of our fans. These Trout Worms are perfect finesse drop shot baits for Trout, Bass and Crappie a like. When fish start to get finicky or lethargic, a drop shotted Trout Worm should be your go to bait, as you are able to keep it in the strike zone for longer periods of time. Toss out, let sink to the bottom, and twitch very, very, slowly. A seldom pause will often get you bit by even the laziest of fish.
* 13 fish catching colors * Reusable Packaging

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Quickly one of the hottest Trout, Catfish and Striper attractants on the entire West Coast. Love Sauce is not your typical oil based scent that washes off once it hits the water, but a highly potent and STICKY formula that adheres to both your baits and lures for multiple casts at a time. Simply apply a small dose of your favorite Love Sauce to any bait and increase your chances of landing that lunker fish you’ve been searching for.
* 6 fish catching attractants
* Extra Sticky – sticks to any lure multiple casts at a time

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The latest craze in Trout  and Steelhead Fishing. The Ripper Ratz one of a kind design, stretching and floating plastic drives Trout and Steelhead absolutely WILD. Simply toss out using a
Carolina rig, let sit and fish it just like bait. Its that easy. Add some of your favorite Lip RipperZ Love Sauce and get ready to catch that Trout of a lifetime.
* 2 sizes. 1″ and 2″ plastics
* 5 vibrant colors / Floating plastic
 * Perfect for Trout and Steelhead

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Save money!! Your favorite Litl RipperZ, Trout Worms and Z Spoons combine to create the perfect money saving, fish catching purchase. Whenever Trout fishing, it is always recommended to keep switching lures and colors in order to key into what the fish want that particular day, as it tends to vary greatly. Save money and diversify your tackle box with these great variety packs.
* Top Z Spoons variety pack
* Top Litl RipperZ variety pack
* Top Trout Worms variety pack
* Best sellers Variety pack

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