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More than 1000 retailers now carrying Lip RipperZ products, including the finest chain stores and independent stores near you. With Walmart carrying Hatchery Dust in 200+ locations in the west.

Big 5 Sporting Goods

12 Lip RipperZ items currently featured in more than 280+ Big 5 Sporting Goods locations. Including Z Spoons, Litl RipperZ, Hatchery Dust and Variety Packs.

Sport Chalet

A Lip RipperZ Superstore. Sport Chalet now carrying 40+ Lip RipperZ items in all locations. Including Hatchery Dust, Variety Packs, Litl RipperZ, Z Spoons, Love Sauce and Ripper Rats.

Bass Pro Shops

Currently carries Hatchery Dust, Litl RipperZ, Trout Worms and Z Spoons in all West locations, including Bass Pro Shops Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. Selections vary.

Turners Outdoorsman

A Lip RipperZ Superstore. Turners Outdoorsman currently carries all current Lip RipperZ product lines in all locations.


Currently carries Hatchery Dust and Z Spoons in 160+ western USA and Pennsylvania locations. Selections may vary.


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